How to Unlock a Locked Phone

Smartphones are locked to enhance security and protect personal data in case of loss or theft. Locking mechanisms like PINs, patterns, or passwords prevent unauthorized access and ensure that only authorized individuals can unlock and access the device. This security measure safeguards sensitive information, such as photos, messages, emails, and banking apps, stored on the smartphone, preserving privacy and data integrity.
Forgetting passwords to log in to smartphones can be attributed to various factors. Human memory limitations play a role, as our brains have a finite capacity for retaining information, especially when passwords are complex or infrequently used. The prevalence of multiple passwords across various accounts and devices in the digital era increases the likelihood of confusion and forgetfulness.

There many ways to unlocked HP, but 3 ways of them are very popular:

How to Unlock a Locked Phone

Use Find My Device Menu

How to open HP forgot password by using Android Device Manager:

  • Visit
  • Login using the same Google account as on your phone.
  • Select the Lock option.
  • Enter the new password twice to confirm.
  • You can unlock your locked phone with a new password.

Unlock Locked Phone with Emergency Call

The emergency call number feature is one of the important aspects on smart phone devices that allows users to call for help in emergency situations. The benefits are significant, especially when we experience events such as forgotten passwords and locked devices.
Each smartphone brand has a different emergency number. The following is a list and guide on how to unlock a phone that forgot the password by using an emergency call.

  • Samsung phone emergency number: 911
  • HP vivo emergency number: #000009#0##0
  • OPPO mobile emergency number: 112
  • Xiaomi mobile emergency numbers: 911 and 112

How to use:

  • Tap Emergency Call at the bottom of the lock screen.
  • Tap a local emergency number such as 112 (OPPO) or 911 or 112 (Xiaomi) on the phone dialer that appears.
  • Insert the custom symbol string by typing the asterisk (*) several times in a row.
  • Double-tap to highlight the string and copy it.
  • Select the Settings menu and replace the old password with a new one.
  • Finish and unlock with new password.

Unlock Samsung HP Using Find My Mobile Menu

If the above method does not work and if you are using a Samsung device, there is another option that you can try is to use the Find My Mobile service which is a feature similar to Android Device Manager specifically for Samsung devices.
This official service developed by Samsung is the best alternative in unlocking locked Samsung devices with a password, because it provides convenience and security.

Here are the steps to unlock a Samsung device that forgot the password using the Find My Mobile feature that you can follow:

Within one to two minutes, the lockscreen password should be successfully changed to a new PIN that you can use to unlock the device.

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